The Catalyst Management Service by Axens


May 09 2016

Written by Axens

It is based on a very broad, generalist catalyst and adsorbent portfolio, an outstanding technical expertise and a network of recognized industrial partners.




The main benefits delivered by Orchestra are:

  • Reduced catalyst change-out costs through partial reutilization of used products while meeting guaranteed technical performance
  • Increased unit utilization rate by reducing shutdown time through an optimized management of turnarounds and operations
  • Maximized and sustainable spent product valorisation.

Orchestra has demonstrated its efficiency in hydroprocessing applications, catalysts with precious metals (Pt, Pd, Re) and adsorbents/traps.


Axens is a world leader in Licensing and Catalysts for the Refining, Petrochemical and Gas Treatment Markets, offering continuously innovative products and services, together with providing the highest level technical support to our customers.

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