Symphony™ CR 157: New High-density, High-performance CCR Catalyst


Sep 01 2016

Written by Axens

In 2013, Axens officially launched Symphony™, a four-member family of catalysts that provides superior performance in both fixed bed reformers (P 152, PR 150 and PR 156) and CCRs which utilize lower-density catalyst (PS 100). Sales have flourished with more than 80 references in just three years. Repeat orders from several major Refiners worldwide are a clear testament to Symphony’s success.




Recently, Axens expanded the Symphony™ family to include CR 157, a higher-density, Pt-Sn reforming catalyst that utilizes an even more enhanced modifier package and superior alumina to deliver the following advantages relative to other commercially available CCR catalysts:

  • Industry leading reformate, hydrogen and aromatic yields across the full spectrum of feed qualities and octane severities commensurate with those of PS 100, its lower-density counterpart
  • Industry leading hydrothermal stability resulting in enhanced:
    • surface area retention for longer ultimate life with extended like-new catalyst performance
    • chloride retention requiring less chloride addition and consequently less chloride cleanup downstream
    • capacity for coke and permanent contaminants without performance loss
  •  Industry leading attrition resistance resulting in lower fines production and less unit maintenance

 Symphony™ CR 157 is targeted for continuous reformer service that requires the advantages that higher-density catalyst offers.  Its intrinsic properties are particularly invaluable for units suffering from constraints such as pinning, furnace limitations, high fines make, poor chloride retention and rapid loss of catalyst surface area. Several customers have already chosen to load CR 157 into both Axens- and competitor-designed CCRs.

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