Chloride Guards for Naphtha Block Streams: AxTrap™ 867


Mar 28 2017

Written by Axens

Chlorides cause problems, such as equipment corrosion and ammonium chloride salt deposition in valves, compressors, stabilizer columns and fuel gas systems. Chloride removal is therefore of paramount importance in isomerization and especially reforming units, both fixed bed and CCR Reforming technologies. It offers hydrogen and gasoline product specification safeguards, as well as protecting equipment from corrosion.

Product Benefits


AxTrap 867 has been specifically developed in order to provide you with maximum performance in both gas (hydrogen) and liquids (reformate, LPG, isomerate) services. Available in 1.5-3mm (7×14 mesh) and 2-5mm (4×8 mesh) beads, it allows you to adapt the adsorbent size to each unit’s hydraulics and diffusion characteristics.


AxTrap 867’s following benefits will positively impact your operation:

  • Change-out frequency decrease by up to 20% due to outstanding adsorption capacity (see the figure below) leading to lower spent product logistics and lower site maintenance fees for loading/unloading activities


AxTrap 867, best-in-class promoted alumina chloride guard bed adsorbent

  • Simplified loading and unloading procedures and low pressure drop throughout the whole operation period due to the inherent high stability of a promoted alumina type adsorbent
  • Lower green oil formation due to a perfectly controlled production process that results in finely tuned surface characteristics
  • AxTrap 867 can be operated in combination with other adsorbents (stacked bed) in the same vessel in order to remove organic chlorides or other impurities
  • Well adapted to Axens and competitor reformer unit design

Rapid Acceptance on the Market


With more than 30 references in its first year on the market, AxTrap 867 is the answer to a need for optimized cost/performance ratio chloride guard adsorbents.


Several of our customers have placed repeat orders following their first run using AxTrap 867 thereby recognizing its high performance/cost ratio and increased lifetime compared to other adsorbents previously used in the same application. Some customers have been able to reduce their change-out frequency by up to 30%.


AxTrap 867 is part of the Axens Naphtha Block portfolio and allows you to optimize the units as a whole, in order to deliver maximum performance at reduced cost to the operators.


Axens is able to assist you in a wide range of specific analytical services in order to ensure that AxTrap 867 is used to its full potential.


Do not hesitate to contact your local Axens representative for more information about catalysts and adsorbents!



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