Axens Salindres Catalyst and Adsorbent Production Site


Jul 17 2017

Written by Axens

The Salindres site, located in the South of France, is one of Axens’ 7 catalyst and adsorbent production factories.

What are the main challenges facing the Salindres site today? And tomorrow?


Axens Salindres Plant Director Henri Thomas gives his insights about the plant in a 3-question interview!



Could you present the Salindres site?


The Salindres site is one of Axens’ 7 catalyst and adsorbent production factories. Our products are sold to produce cleaner fuels and to treat industrial gas and water.
We are located on a platform that was created more than 160 years ago and that we now share with other companies in the chemical industry. We, in Salindres, employ around 400 people in 3 main different business fields: the production of catalyst and adsorbent, the development of new products, and a technical service that develops our catalyst and adsorbent factories around the world.

We contribute to the economic vitality of the local region, as we are one of the main employers.


What are the main challenges facing the Salindres site?

There are three main challenges facing the Salindres site:
The first is the risk involved in our business. In the chemical field, Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) are our priorities. So we commit to the highest HSE Management Standards and we are, on a regular basis, audited and certified by independent organizations on those. We continuously invest to reduce our environmental footprint and the risks involved in our activities. As an example, last year in March 2016, we were one of the first chemical industry in France to receive ISO 50 001 certification, granted for good energy management.

The second challenge is the quality of the products and services of the plant. We actually produce hundreds of different products references and deliver them around the world. At the same time our clients have high economical stakes behind each order. So our mission is to make sure that our clients are satisfied and in particular that their facilities operate under the best possible conditions.

The third challenge is the efficiency of our equipment and organization. For that, we rely on very qualified people, on modern and reliable equipment to ensure at the same time flexibility that is required for our clients, and optimized costs.



What future do you foresee for the plant?

When I think about the development of the plant, I see three inseparable aspects that we are already actively working on actually:
First of all, the sustainable development aspects, that are of overwhelming importance for all our stakeholders. Clients, employees, shareholder, partners and neighbors shall count on safe products and solutions, and on an environmental footprint that is controlled and reduced as much as possible.

The second development aspect is innovation. Axens is a partr of the IFP Energies nouvelles Group, which one of the 100 most innovative companies in the world! Just keep in mind that our products are designed to produce high quality fuels. As a result they improve the air that millions of city-dwellers breathe every day around the world. This is a direct consequence of a smart R&D and an ability to industrialize these solutions. We must retain this capability within Axens in the future.

Third development aspect: ensure efficient growth. We are growing, expanding our activities and must anticipate and adapt constantly. In this context, the Axens production site is growing with this in mind: a plant, where every employee, with his know-how and expertise can contribute to the continuous improvement of our products and services. A plant that is a great place to work!


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