A South East Asia Offshore Showcase: MEG Reclaiming on a Floating Production Unit


Jun 09 2020

Written by Axens

In summer 2017, Prosernat (now Axens) successfully started a MEG Regeneration and Reclamation Unit located on a Floating Production Unit (FPU) operated by a major company in South East Asia.


The operator developed an offshore gas project where hydrates were identified as a major risk of flowlines blockage and of loss of production. Consequently, MEG injection in flowlines and associated MEG recovery unit have been selected as the preferred solution to ensure gas flow and continuous production.


Prosernat tailored the design of the MEG unit, with its licensed AdvaMEG™ process technology according to the operator’s needs and requirements, projects specifications, and suited for modular fabrication. Thanks to its experience both on technology and modularization, Prosernat optimized the scheme in order to decrease the CAPEX and the OPEX of the unit. The module, weighing around 400 tons, was adapted into a compact design in order to fit into the narrow available space onboard the FPU.


This single-lift module was fabricated on a yard located in Indonesia selected by Prosernat to satisfy the local content requirement. Today, the MEG unit is running at customer’s satisfaction and under its specification, producing dry salts while MEG recovery is maximized.

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