A Comprehensive Catalyst Series to Meet All Hydrocracking Challenges: Craken™


Jan 17 2017

Written by Axens

Craken™ Series activity, selectivity and product properties are extremely competitive compared to other products on the market.





Hydrocracking Technology: a key unit in the modern refinery

In today’s challenging refining industry context, making the most out of every unit is the key to maximizing profitability. The Hydrocracking unit is an instrumental unit that contributes in meeting the modern refinery’s market objectives by converting heavy feeds to high-value products.



Simplified hydrocracking unit scheme


Choosing the best catalyst combination to meet production needs


Pretreating section


The cycle length of Hydrocracking units is often limited by pretreatment catalysts. Axens has developed a full array of state-of-the-art grading, demetallization and hydrotreating catalysts to enable maximum performance of the downstream cracking section.

The winning combination of the Impulse™ deep hydrotreating catalysts and Craken™ hydrocracking catalyst series offer unparalleled performances and ensure higher profitability. Axens provides solutions that extend the cycle length of Hydrocracking units thanks to the maximized HDN activity and superior stability of both the Impulse HRK 1448 and recently released HR 1058.


Cracking section


Craken catalysts are loaded downstream of highly active hydrotreating catalysts.

Craken-D and Craken-Flex catalysts are the result of step-out improvements and have been specifically designed to convert feeds such as VGO, HCGO, DAO and other refractory feedstocks into high quality fuels, such as heavy naphtha, kerosene and diesel.

Moreover, Craken Series catalysts are extremely tolerant to nitrogen, thanks to a highly performing bifunctional hydrotreating and cracking activity, allowing you to process opportunity crudes.


Craken™ Series performance mapping

Craken-D catalysts ensure:

  • Maximized middle distillate yield
  • Enhanced diesel cold flow properties, notably cloud point

Craken-Flex catalysts provide:

  • Optimized fuels production: naphtha and middle distillates
  • Enhanced unconverted oil (UCO) quality: Viscosity Index (VI), BMCI


Impulse & Craken, the winning combination


Impulse and Craken Series catalysts have more than 100 references worldwide in the high conversion hydrocracking field. They are definitely the winning combination to:

  • Squeeze more fuels from heavy ends ,
  • Reach high conversion levels ,
  • Enhance hydrodenitrogenation (HDN) activity,
  • Maximize volume swell,
  • Improve products properties,
  • Maximize unit cycle length,


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