100th Reference for Impulse™, the High-Performance Hydrotreating Catalyst Technology


Nov 16 2016

Written by Axens

BP’s Kwinana Refinery (Australia) selected the HR 1246 CoMo catalyst following results of pilot plant tests conducted by BP’s Refining Technology & Engineering Groups and subsequent tendering process. Thanks to its intrinsic high activity, HR 1246 will be associated with regenerated HR 626 and enable a less than-10-wppm sulfur diesel product while reducing the cost to fill.

Since the launch of Impulse catalyst technology, the market has recognized the value of this Series of high-activity products. A success that keeps growing with several bids won every month including a substantial number of repeat orders, recognition of the Impulse Series’ excellent performances.




Relying on an improved active site distribution, the Impulse Catalyst Technology provides maximum activity for several hydrotreating applications:

Hydrocracking Pretreatment

The cycle length of Hydrocracking units is often limited by pretreatment catalysts. Thanks to the maximized HDN activity and superior stability of both Impulse HRK 1448 and the recently released HR 1058, Axens provides solutions that extend the cycle length of Hydrocracking units. Recognized by several awards received by Impulse catalysts for Hydrocracking pretreatment, most often to replace competition products.

VGO Hydrotreating

HR 1058 and HRK 1448 are optimal catalysts for maximum hydrogen uptake into the FCC feed. With the current low price of hydrogen in several geographical areas, HR 1058 and HRK 1448 enable to maximize FCC unit profitability.


ULSD production

With HR 1246, HR 1248, and the recently released HR 1218, Axens has a complete portfolio of maximum activity catalysts for HDS, cetane lift and volume swell, as well as vegetable oil processing in ULSD services. Repeat orders from several major refiners worldwide confirm Impulse performance in ULSD production.

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